Have confidence that your small business is using I.T. that fits not just your needs, but your goals as well.

Stop wasting money on computers and services that cost too much and don’t do enough.

Don’t just get by with your small business information technology;  get ahead.

Big business employs 1/2 of the work force and manages their I.T. proactively and strategically to meet goals.

Small business (20-500 people) employs 1/3 of the work force yet often struggles daily with I.T.

Apply what big business has learned about I.T. to your small business and enjoy the productivity and cost performance of reliable and effective I.T. that they do.

Call us today, we’ll get you on the right path so that your people can work on the important things and so that you can sleep comfortably.


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  1. hello, i’m using your read and understood plugin. I would like to add the display_name into the export excel sheet and database. May i know how? thank you very much

  2. HI There

    I’m currently testing the RNU plugin which is exactly what I need for our internal intranet. However It works great on the current environment for us but in our new development site its doesn’t work.

    Our new intranet will be a wordpress multisite install. In this environment it doesn’t log that you have clicked the button. If you refresh the screen the button is back and it hasn’t logged it.

    Is there any chance that this plugin could be modified to work on multisite as its something we really need going forward.

    That would be great.
    Many thanks in advance

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