Looking for “About Us”?  Sorry, it’s not about us.  It’s about YOU !

  • You run a small organization that relies on I.T.
  • You may or may not have I.T. people who do a good job, but you’re not sure that they’re doing the right job.
  • You need someone you can trust who knows your business and your goals, as well as  I.T.
  • You need us so that you can be sure that your I.T. is on track to meet your goals.

You know that you have to use computers and if they don’t work, neither do your people.

I.T. is critical, but all you know about computers, networks, the “cloud”, “smart phones”, and mobile apps is that they cost too much and don’t do enough.

You might not be big enough to have any I.T. people at all, so you or your people end up resolving I.T. issues – instead of doing the REAL work.  If that’s your I.T support model,  then you know that you might not be writing checks for I.T. management, but you know you are paying for it, or the lack of it – big time!

Maybe you’ve got some outsourced I.T. help to manage your network and keep your computers running, but they’re just keeping things going and fixing things when they don’t.

But you know that’s not enough.  You know that you can do more – a lot more – maybe even with the systems you already have.

But who knows enough about your business and your I.T. to say what could work well for you and what to avoid?

Who can you trust to tell you whether you really need that new server your managed I.T. service recommends?  Who can tell you which software system is best for you?  The vendor?  Not likely?

Trust us.  We listen to what is important to your business.  We look at what I.T. you’re using now, how you’re using it, and more importantly, why.

Then we recommend a plan that aligns your I.T. with your business goals, at your pace, and within your budget.  We’ll even help you implement the plan using your people, your vendors, and ours.

We’ll help you hire the right I.T. people, pick the right software, and mitigate risks – so that you can sleep better knowing that you are on the right path toward your goals.

Look, you have to pay for I.T. either by being proactive and strategic; or by paying the hard way.  It’s your choice.

Since you have to buy the machines, the software, and the services, anyway; why not use them to get ahead instead of just getting by?

Call us.  We’ll talk. The first hour or so is free.   We look forward to learning about YOU !

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