Case: Read &

Feel free to download the two-page “White Paper” for more detail on “Read and Understood”.

  • The Problem: Verifying that employees kept current on company postings.
  • Our Analysis: Company website used “Expression Engine” to publish weekly updates and control access to those updates using logins.
  • The Solution: Use the same database used by “Expression Engine” to store acknowledgements .  Wrote a small program to display the relevant updates with visual cue as to which had been acknowledged by the logged in web site visitor.  Provided access to those acknowledgments by linking company’s office information system to the web site’s database.
  • The Outcome: Compliance went up to over 95% within a month.

Many companies use their web sites to deploy new information quickly and widely to prospects, customers, and employees. The information may be simple and brief, but also critically important.

In the absence of any mechanism to be sure that people have read and internalized that information, many companies conduct expensive in-house meetings or out-of-house training sessions.

The “Read and Understood” technique of web site integration gives a cost effective alternative to meetings and training.

Care to see a demonstration?  Take a look at the functional “Read and Understood”, a demo.

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