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If it didn’t cost $100K/year for you to have someone who knows I.T. and is constantly looking for ways to better leverage I.T. for you, would you want a C.I.O.?

The Chief Information Officer (C.I.O.) is responsible not only to ensure that I.T. performs well, but that your systems are designed, selected, implemented, integrated, maintained, and continuously improved to support the true and changing needs of the business.

We take that responsibility very seriously, but at a small fraction of the cost.

You can trust many typical I.T. people to keep things running or to upgrade the network, install new software, and fix broken servers.

But how can you trust someone who knows only bits and bytes, or who is selling you their hardware or their software or their services to tell you that the I.T. you’re using is the best, or even a good choice for your people and the way that you do business?

You need someone who understands business first, specifically your business, and who has a rock solid understanding of state of the art I.T. and practices, and who you can trust to be looking out for your interests.

If you can’t name such a person, then name Mantos I.T. Consulting act as your C.I.O.

Be confident that your I.T. systems are aligned with your business goals, and that they stay aligned even though the I.T. horizon changes constantly.

Be confident that every dollar you spend on I.T. is one that gets you ahead of curve, an investment with a return; not an expense that represents the dues you pay simply to stay in business.

We can design a plan that meets your needs and budget.

We can be there for you on retainer for when you need us, or engage monthly or quarterly to update your strategy, or work shoulder-to-shoulder with your people and vendors every week; it’ up to YOU !

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