RiskVsReturnStrategic I.T. (Stratity™) is a proprietary methodology developed by Mantos I.T. Consulting, Inc. that brings I.T. decisions into line with business decisions.

The process involves:

  • Business Discovery: of  YOUR business and goals
  • I.T. Assessment: what, how, and why, you’re using now
  • Gap Analysis: looking for immediate threats
  • Strategy formulation: how to get from here to there

The benefits include:

  • Spending less on I.T. purchases and support
  • Using  integrated solutions that work together
  • Gain employee productivity and efficiency
  • Know that your I.T. systems support the business
  • Be able to see your I.T. future to your horizon

Want to learn more about Stratity™ ?

Download (PPTX, 230KB)





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