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WebSiteIntegrationAlthough websites are typically designed from a marketing perspective in order to attract NEW customers or to conduct on-line shopping, the real goal is to gain MORE business!

Web site integration securely delivers up-to-date information that is already maintained in your office systems, or vice-versa, 24 hours every day.

Web site integration adds functionality that makes doing business with you even easier for your existing customers, encouraging customer retention and making your company even more attractive to prospects.

With web site integration, your people don’t have to chase down the information that’s likely already in your systems.

Your customers won’t have to suffer through hours or days of phone tag or wade through an email chain that cc’s half your office – including you!

You may be surprised to learn that many websites, perhaps yours, already have the ability to store the data and to run the programs needed.

If your website was developed using popular CMS tools such as WordPress, then it already supports logins, custom programming, and has a place to store customer-specific information.

You are already paying for those capabilities!  Why not use them?   It’s probably easier and less expensive to do than you might think.

Can’t think of what kind of data your clients would like to see?  It’s easy.  Just think about all those phone calls, emails, and faxes that you get EVERY DAY from your customers!

Want an example?  Check out some of our case studies and demos and look for the “Read and Understood” demonstration.



Web Site
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