Skip Windows 8 for your PC

When Vista came out to bad reviews, my clients successfully skipped Vista and migrated later from XP to Windows 7.

The primary reason for Vista’s failure is that the virtual monopoly Microsoft put their interest ahead of the customers and added features that customer neither asked nor wanted; and eliminated some of those they did.

Windows 8 is in a similar position to Windows Vista when it first came out.  Microsoft fears its loss of market share as users migrate from the traditional PC, where Microsoft dominates, to other smaller and more portable devices that use non-Microsoft operating systems.

Microsoft saw this coming years ago and made some attempts to play in the mobile market using Windows CE, which was simply too big and just as clumsy as Windows, and failed.

For  Windows 8, Microsoft simply decided that they would target the touchscreen and make windows look more like an Apple Ipad.  Their customers didn’t ask for that, at least not directly.

Once again, using its less than stellar Quality Assurance methods, Microsoft launched a buggy product, Windows 8, which, like its predecessors,  will be corrected after years of cumulative patches and releases.

I advise most of my clients who use PC’s to skip Windows 8 and wait until it is fixed or the next generation of Windows replaces it.   I advise them to stick with Windows 7, even for their new PC’s.

For a short time after the Windows 8 launch, it was hard to find new computers that would run both Windows 7 and Windows 8; which was a requirement for my customers when they bought new machines.

Shortly thereafter, more machines became available that did run both.

But Microsoft is fighting back.  They don’t seem to be lying down this round as they seemed to do with  Vista.

Microsoft seems to be  muscling the PC builders into putting the kibosh on Windows 7.

I took a friend to Best Buy and found that none of the computers offered ran Windows 7.  I then helped him buy a machine online that did.  We found a good one for him, but he ended up pulling the trigger 2 months later only to find that machine was no longer available on the HP website.  But you could still buy the machine, just not on the website or through their consumer channels.

We got transferred to the business channel, only to find that they couldn’t sell it either, we had to contact HP’s enterprise department.  We did.  He bought the machine and it is running windows 7, and is Windows 8 capable.

Why doesn’t HP make these systems readily available?  Don’t they want to sell computers?  The answer must be that Microsoft is pressuring them to NOT sell Windows 7.

Note also the quick changes Microsoft made to Windows 8 to produce 8.1  They realized that losing the START button was the same mistake that Ford made years ago when they took the horn off the steering wheel.  Ford “corrected” the issue and announced that they would go back to the steering wheel “Where God intended.”  Microsoft made a few other relatively minor changes and called it Windows 8.1

But notice that no one advertises“Windows 8.1”  as “Windows 8.1”  .   It’s now common knowledge to the public that Windows 8 is “bad”.  So watch a commercial for a PC or tablet and you’ll hear that it comes with the “New Windows”.  You’ll never hear an ad for “Windows 8” or “Windows 8.1” again.  The name is as tarnished as the Edsel.  Microsoft blew it.

But don’t blame Bill Gates.  The reason he gets away with it is the same reason that we have Big Box stores instead of the neighborhood grocer.  It’s the same reason that despite poor ratings, Congress gets re-elected.  Blame us.  Blame yourself for buying into “Windows 8.1”.  Don’t.


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