Project Management

Many problems can cause a project to fail.  Professional project management is the answer to that problem.  Trust professionals certified by the Project Management Institute and how hold the PMP® certification, the gold standard in project management.

In addition to the inherent risks of implementing new technology for the first time, seemingly simple changes in infrastructure, security, or hidden relationships between data and software can sideline even the simplest of projects.  I.T. projects are NOT usually simple.

In addition to technical risks, changes in personnel, the organization, internal policies, external regulations, the market, evolving customer needs, and a multitude of other issues constantly threaten to sideline projects.

The question of how best to deal with such risks that could potentially undermine your growth and success has been answered.  The answer is to use world-class, best practices associated with information technology project management.  In the world of I.T., that usually means adopting an AGILE methodology that has been proven both adaptable and successful many times over.  In fact, many industries outside of I.T. are looking to adapt AGILE in order to enjoy the same levels of success.

Information technology project management and AGILE methodologies have evolved from use in software development projects and now include almost all areas of IT.  The include projects such as hardware installations, network upgrades, implementing security standards such as HIPAA or PCI DSS, moving from legacy to modern architectures such as virtualization and cloud computing,  data management projects which can include "Big Data" or some form of A.I. or machine learning, or any implementation of IT services such as web applications, web services, and business analytics.

Mantos I.T. Consulting, Inc. has professionals who are certified by the Project Management Institute as Professional Project Managers (PMP®) .  We are expert not only in customizing AGILE methods to suit your organization and unique circumstances, but also understand the cultures and languages of both the business world and the more rapidly changing world of Information Technology.

Our consultants have graduate degrees in both business management and computer science and decades of experiencing in bringing the two.  We are uniquely positioned to ensure not only that your information technology project goals  align with your business goals and strategies, but that successful information technology project management guarantees your organization's best chances for continuous improvement, growth, and success.

Technology traditionally deals with "know how".

We go beyond the "how" by helping people understand the "why" a particular I.T.  choice better aligns with business plans than other alternatives.

We help you choose "whether" your current I.T. is appropriate or "which" emerging I.T. is right for your organization and "when" you should be using it.

We call this "W.I.T.", the "W's" of Information: why, whether, which, when, who, etc.

We don't just do technology right, we do the right technology.