IT StrategyYou need IT Know How, but IT Know Why is even more important.  Having a customized IT Strategy allows you to make decisions that align with your goals.  Making computer decisions without a roadmap can help you keep doing what you currently do "cheaper, better, faster", but fails to get you where you want to go.  You end up spending time, energy, and money to just make the treadmill go faster, but without moving ahead.

Why does your organization use I.T.?  Is it just because you have to in order to stay in business or just to do the same thing, but cheaper, better, and faster?  You need an I.T. strategy that truly supports your goals, not just your work.

We go beyond the "how" by helping people know "why" a particular I.T.  choice better aligns with your business or organization's plans than other alternatives, including the one that you may be using now.

We help you choose "whether" your current I.T. is appropriate or "which" emerging I.T. is right for your organization, "who" needs what access, and "when" you should be using it.

We call this "W.I.T.",  because it considers the "W's" of Information Technology: why, whether, which, when, who, etc.; but the foundation is IT Know Why.  The implementation of IT, the "Know How" is unimportant unless you have confidence in the IT "Know Why."

We don't just do technology right, we do the right technology.