Peter Mantos

Peter Mantos I.T. Computer Consultant
Peter Mantos I.T. Computer Consultant

Peter Mantos is not your usual type of IT Consultant.  He understands that the business and the IT doesn’t always match up, and that includes people.  That’s why he holds graduate degrees in both business management and in computer science.   He walks in both worlds, not as someone who used to manage or who used to program.  He is both current and expert in the art of business management and the science of information technology.  His passion is helping others to bridge the two.

Peter is an information technology (I.T.) manager, project manager, and software developer who is current in the best business practices and who is personally skilled in current and emerging technologies and methodologies, as well as in many legacy environments databases and languages.

He has over twenty years of technical and managerial positions in global corporations and small businesses where he has honed is exceptional communication skills. As a believer in life-long learning, he is currently pursuing PMP and certifications.

He is dedicated to bringing world-class I.T. and management practices to public and private organizations of all sizes, and especially enjoys helping organizations take their next step in their growth and transitions.

Call today to put Peter’s world-class experience to work in meeting your goals.  The initial consultation if free and without obligation.  He wants to meet you, so schedule an appointment today.

Here is Peter’s resume that highlights project management experience PETER H MANTOS PM RESUME 2017

Here is Peter’s resume that highlights software development and computer programming experience PETER H MANTOS DEV RESUME 2017


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